Spanish Firm Overwhelmed After Phone Number Appears On The Simpsons

A phone tech company has been flooded with calls and messages after its number appeared in an episode of The Simpsons.

The number appears in a historical episode of the show from 2002, where Homer takes over policing the town from Chief Wiggum.

It is seen as the contact number for Homer’s replacement citizen security group Spring Shield.

But now, more than 20 years later, the real-life firm – InnaTic, the city of Alcantarilla, in the southern Spanish province of Murcia – has told how it is being overrun by Simpsons fans’ calls.

Its number – 636 555 347 2 – is virtually identical to the one shown in the episode, ‘ Poppa’s Got A Brand New Badge’.

The firm’s phone expert Alicia Manzanares told local media that they started getting calls for Spring Shield in 2021.

Image shows the phone number shown in the episode ‘Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge’ of The Simpsons, undated photo. The InnaTic company in the city of Murcia, Spain, receive thousands of calls and WhatsApp messages because their phone number appeared in the episode. (The Simpsons, Gracie Films, 20th Television/Newsflash)

She said that at first, she did not get the connection and ignored the calls and messages.

But in January 2022, an unknown number told her that InnaTic has nearly the same phone number as the one that appears in the Simpsons episode.

She said: “They started sending us WhatsApp messages two years ago, and the last call was last week.”

She added: “It doesn’t bother us, we laugh about it because we are a team of young people who have grown up with this series and who spend many hours concentrating in front of the computer; so these messages and calls make us laugh.”

And instead of deciding to change the number, the company is keeping it and treasuring it “as if it were gold because it appears in the best television series in history”.