Mass Street Brawl Brings Magaluf Night To A Halt

Police in Spain have made several arrests following a brawl involving more than 50 people on a street in Magaluf.

Several were injured in the skirmish, which erupted between two large groups of young people in the early hours of 7th May.

According to several witnesses, the brawl started as a fight between some Moroccans and Algerians against Spaniards.

However, as it snowballed, it drew in people of other nationalities, as seen in this footage of the pandemonium.

The chaos reportedly lasted more than 10 minutes and resulted in numerous injuries of varying severity.

Several nightclub bouncers intervened but were unable to prevent the brawlers from kicking, punching, and hurling objects at one another.

Officers from the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Calvia quickly arrived on the scene and helped the bouncers try to end the fracas.

However, there were so many people involved in the scuffle that it took them a while to restore calm to the area, local media reported.

The cause of the incident is unknown and is currently being investigated by the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Calvia.

At the time of reporting, the exact number of injured and arrested was unknown.

Magaluf – a resort town popular with Brits on the island of Majorca – has long been a hotspot of disorder, alcohol, and drugs.