Only Fans Mountain Biker Sets Morocco Alight

This is the breathtaking footage from an OnlyFans model as she takes on a gruelling six-day mountain bike marathon in her skin-tight cycling clothes.

Stunning Cecilia Sopena, 36, filmed herself as she took on the exhausting Titan Desert in Morocco.

And some of her footage has left her fans panting almost as much as she was as she overcame peaks and deserts during the race.

One clip shows Cecilia – who set aside her career as a maths teacher to become a porn actress – bumping across an uneven road.

As her boobs jiggle through her unzipped cycle top, the film leaves little to the imagination.

A second clip shows Cecilia pulling sex poses on a mountain peak.

In her skin-tight cycle shorts, she rubs herself up against her bike and thrusts her hips towards the camera.

While not among the 397-mile race’s top finishers, Spanish-born Cecilia stole the spotlight with her stunning presence.

She finished in 324th position with a time of 48 hours, 27 minutes, and eight seconds and earned a top ten spot among the female finishers.

Despite some prudes criticising her OnlyFans adult work, Cecilia said her earning from the site paid for her to take part in the race.

She told local media: “I have received insults and criticism from hundreds of thousands of people, saying barbaric things and inventing extremely serious things about me.

“Even private videos of me were leaked and I had to report everyone who did. I don’t care what they say, that I’m out of my mind.

“I only listen to the people who love me. I will never bow my head, I am proud of what I do.”

Cecilia added she likes having an OnlyFans account and describes herself as “a self-managed porn actress”.

She said: “I can do what I want, how I want and with whom I want.”