Dog Owner To Face Charges For Animal Cruelty

Police in Spain have identified the cruel pet owner who buried his seven-month-old Mastiff puppy alive at a landfill.

It was earlier reported how the pooch was miraculously found alive by passersby in Piedrafita de Babia – in the municipality of Cabrillanes, Leon Province – in March.

The passersby had heard the dog whimpering and had then spotted her little paw poking out from under some large stones.

They called the police, who, in turn, called a veterinarian from the Laciana Animal Shelter, who arrived on the scene to tend to the dog.

The vet found that she had taken a heavy blow to the head, apparently from when her heartless owner had tried to kill her.

Amazed that she had survived, the vet named her Milagro – Spanish for “Miracle”.

Milagro underwent surgery for a depressed skull at the veterinary clinic in Villablino and managed to pull through.

Earlier footage shows her looking happy and spritely as she walks towards her carer for a well-earned rub on the muzzle.

Local media report that she remains in good health.

Following the shocking discovery, the authorities in Villablino launched a bid to identify and track down the dog’s heartless owner.

They were eventually led to a local livestock farmer, who now stands accused of abandonment and mistreatment of domestic animals, according to local media.

His name is being withheld.

The case has been referred to the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Villablino.