Orphans Tragedy As Father Commits Suicide After Wife Dies In Car Crash

Two sisters have been left orphaned after their mum died when their dad crashed the car as he swerved to avoid an obstacle and he later committed suicide, unable to face life without her.

The tragedy began when Encarni Munoz Cardona and Jose Manuel Jimenez Palomo, who were described as the “perfect team”, were travelling on the A-44 motorway near Villamena, Spain, on 6th May.

As the couple headed back to their home in the Playa Granada area of Motril, they suddenly encountered an obstacle in the middle of the road.

Jose Manuel swerved to try to avoid it but ended up losing control of the car, which went off the road and fell more than 11 feet down a slope.

He was unharmed, but his wife was unresponsive. He tried desperately to revive her, but in the end, paramedics who arrived on the scene could only confirm her death.

Local media reported that Jose Manuel – still in shock – continued on to Motril, where he delivered family members the devastating news.

Photo shows Encarni Munoz Cardona with her husband, Jose Manuel Jimenez Palomo, and their daughters, undated. The couple died hours apart in Motril, Granada, Spain. (Encarni Munoz Cardona/Newsflash)

He later told them he was going to go home to get clothes for his daughters. However, early the next morning, the emergency services were called, and it was found that Jose Manuel had taken his own life just 12 hours after his wife’s death.

A team of psychologists had to deliver the terrible news to the couple’s girls, aged 12 and 15.

Encarni, who worked for an insurance company, also leaves behind three younger siblings.

Those who knew the 39-year-old said she was “very family-oriented”, “devoted to her daughters, her husband, her parents”, “loved to travel and enjoy life with them”, and “had a lot of zest for life”.

Jose Manuel, 41, was a first corporal in the Civil Guard. Neighbours described him and his wife as the “perfect team”.

His pal David told local media: “They loved each other very much. They had been together since they were kids.”

The couple had been together for more than two decades.

David added: “They sought each other out; they were made for each other. Wherever he went, she went, and vice versa.”

According to local media, the late couple’s joint funeral was due to take place yesterday (8th May).

The mayor of Motril, Luisa Maria Garcia Chamorro, paid tribute to the victims, writing: “Still shocked by the sad news we woke up to today in Motril: the death of a young couple, Encarni and Jose Manuel.

“Two young people much loved in our city. My deepest condolences and all my support to their family and friends.”