Police Free Crypto Manager From Costa del Sol Kidnappers

Police in Spain have arrested three men who allegedly kidnapped a cryptocurrency portfolio manager and demanded EUR 1 million from an acquaintance for his release.

Officers from the National Police arrested the suspects and freed the victim five hours after he was taken hostage at a luxury villa in Benalmadena, Malaga Province.

Footage filmed from above shows how the police operation unfolded.

According to reports, the suspects had sent a photo of their victim with a gun pointed at his head to an acquaintance in a bid to extort EUR 1 million from him.

The police operation began after another acquaintance of the victim went to a police station on 3rd May to report that the victim had been taken hostage.

He told the police that an acquaintance from Hungary had called him to tell him that a mutual friend had been kidnapped.

The individual from Budapest had been sent photos and voice messages from the victim’s phone demanding he pay EUR 1 million for the man’s release.

In the end, a blunder by the suspects allowed the victim to send a photo of the outside of the house showing where he was being held.

Investigators were then able to trace him to a large, three-storey villa in Benalmadena.

In total, 50 operatives took part in the operation to free the victim.

Officers surrounded the house and entered it, arresting two Greek citizens and an Albanian, aged 35, 36, and 54.

The young businessman was freed with only a few bruises. His name was withheld in reports.

Inside the house, the officers found a loaded firearm, a loaded firearm with a silencer, saws, and EUR 5,000 and USD 1,200 in cash.

The three suspects are now in custody accused of kidnapping, unlawful possession of firearms, and causing injury.

The case has been delegated to the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Torremolinos.