Dust Devil Wreaks Mayhem At Music Festival

A freak dust devil wreaks has wreaked havoc at a music festival, even sending one unlucky attendee’s tent flying away into the distance.

The whirlwind was filmed at the Vina Rock Festival in Villarrobledo, in Spain’s Albacete Province.

The festival took place between 27th and 30th April and attracted some 240,000 music lovers.

Footage of the carnage caused by the weather phenomenon was shared on TikTok on 2nd May and quickly went viral, racking up more than a million views.

It shows how onlookers are left stunned as the dust devil lifts dozens of items, including several tents, off the ground.

As the smaller items swirl round and round in the air, one red tent can be seen flying off into the distance behind a line of trees.

Netizens were quick to have fun in the comments section, with one writing: “I was in the red tent and just landed in Portugal.”

Another quipped: “When autumn comes, the common Quechua tent takes flight to warmer places.”

And a third joked: “The person in the red tent is on their way to Primavera Sound, touring festivals from one tornado to another.”

Dust devils are small whirlwinds or tornado-like vortices of air that form over hot and dry surfaces and are typically harmless.

They are usually several metres tall and a few metres wide, and are characterised by swirling dust or debris.

Dust devils are caused by the convective rising of hot air near the ground, which creates a spinning column of air.

They are often visible on hot summer days and can last from a few seconds to several minutes.