Magaluf Louts Face Prison For Vicious Attack On Taxi Driver

Two young British tourists who beat up a taxi driver in Magaluf are facing four years behind bars and a fine of more than 11,000 Euros.

Victim Gabriel Fabian Callero, 57, was punched in the face and then kicked repeatedly as he lay on the ground in the vicious assault in Mallorca, Spain.

The Prosecutor’s Office is now demanding that each of the accused be jailed for two years and that they pay their victim EUR 11,624 in compensation.

The incident began when one of the suspects jumped on the moving cab’s bonnet early on 23rd August last year.

After the driver stopped the car and got out to reprimand him, the pair attacked him without saying a word.

Following the savage beating, the suspects fled the scene but were arrested by the Civil Guard hours later.

Local media reported how one of them, aged 21 at the time, was caught with blood on his hands and clothes, as seen in footage of the attack.

He and the other suspect, aged 22 at the time, were hauled before court the next day and released on bail, after which they returned to the UK.

The victim suffered a slash on his forehead and another on the back of his head, as well as bruises all over his body, in the attack.

He was taken unconscious to a hospital in Palma de Mallorca and remained off work for two months.

The suspects’ names were not mentioned in reports.