Spanish Model Shares Caesarian Birth On Social Media

A former Miss Spain has shocked squeamish fans after sharing an explicit video of her caesarian birth.

Model Carla Barber Garcia, 32, from the Canary Islands, filmed and then shared the footage of the birth of her second son Bosco on Instagram.

The footage shows the moment after the surgeons have made the C-section cut and Bosco’s head emerged from his mum’s womb.

As the amniotic fluid gushed out, surgeons carefully take the umbilical cord from around the baby’s neck as he is pulled out.

Around mum Carla on the bed – in the footage recorded on 7th April – are blood-stained sheets and towels.

As baby Bosco starts to holler, surgeons hand him over to his adoring mum, who had been conscious through the procedure.

Carla – now a skincare specialist – shared the video of his birth with her 1 million followers on Instagram, with the caption: “Everything with you.”

She apparently knew that some might find the footage extreme and tagged it ‘#sensitivecontent’.

But soon after the post, some of her followers were quick to slam Carla for going too far.

A user titled ‘art_everything’ commented: “I would not like strangers to see me on the network from the moment of my birth. Nobody asked me.”

While many criticised the mother for her behaviour, some were supportive of her strength and bravery to share such a special moment.

Other users were also amazed by the footage as it allowed them a unique insight into what a cesarean section birth looks like.

Carla, who was crowned ‘Miss World Spain’ in 2011 and ‘Miss Universe Spain’ in 2015, frequently posts images of her life with her newborn son.

She is also the mother of an older boy named Bastian, whose father is a French businessman known only as Joseph.

The pair dated for a little over a year and a half before breaking up in March, just weeks before the birth of their second son Bosco.