Disbelief As Drain Cleaning Fumes Kill Housewife Doing Daily Chores

A 47-year-old woman died after inhaling an ordinary cleaning product that she was using to unclog her sink.

Angela Gil, from the city of Gijon, north-western Spain, reportedly suffered severe respiratory failure after breathing in the fumes of a drain cleaner on 22nd April.

The woman had reportedly purchased the product – the name of which was not disclosed – from a regular convenience store.

She had started out her morning as normal – by getting several chores done, which included unclogging the kitchen sink.

But as she poured the product into the sink, it purportedly caused some kind of chemical reaction that proved to be deadly.

Investigators would later note they reached that conclusion “according to how black the sink was.”

As Angela breathed in the toxic fumes, she apparently began having trouble breathing.

Image shows the city of Gijon, in Spain, undated photo. Angela Gil, aged 47, died after inhaling a cleaning product on Saturday, April 22, 2023. (Newsflash)

She rushed out of her apartment and tried getting help from her neighbours, who unfortunately were not at home at the time, local media report.

A while later, one of her neighbours who was returning home reportedly found her collapsed near the elevator.

The neighbour reportedly alerted emergency services and tried performing life-saving measures.

Paramedics soon arrived but little could be done, local media said.

They immediately rushed her to a nearby hospital, where she was shortly pronounced dead.

An autopsy reportedly confirmed she had died from inhaling a lethal amount of the toxic substance.

Angela’s family is now reportedly considering taking legal action against the company responsible for manufacturing the product.

They reportedly say they do not want another innocent person suffering a tragic death as Angela did.