Horror As Illegal Bone Dump Discovered

Horrifying images of hundreds of human skeletons apparently illegally dumped in a cemetery are to be investigated by prosecutors in Spain.

The grim discovery was close to a broken ossuary next to cremation incinerators at the San Fernando cemetery in Seville, Andalucia.

Many of the remains had, apparently, been abandoned after being unearthed.

Some believe the remains could go back to a mass grave from the General Franco fascist regime.

Now local mayoral candidate Jose Luis Sanz has called for prosecutors to fully investigate how the stacks of skeletons were dumped and abandoned.

Sanz said these images show “new human remains scattered in a dump in the municipal cemetery”.

Picture shows the human remains in the ossuary in Seville, Spain, undated. A candidate for Mayor of Seville, Jose Luis Sanz, denounced the abandonment of these bones, which are in an area that can be accessed without any impediment. (Newsflash)

He added: “After the complaint about the accumulation of bags with human remains, many scattered on the floor, in a warehouse next to the ovens, this morning we experienced a gruesome, shameful, demeaning and horrible image, when verifying that in a dump located behind the crematorium ovens that do not work, just at the end of the cemetery, hundreds of unidentified human bones and skulls accumulate, scattered among the earth and rubble.”

He went on: “It is horrible to see how these human remains are not receiving the proper treatment, ending up on a wall next to the remains of works, piled up and unidentified.”

Sanz said that the unmarked and unfaced area means anyone can stumble across the grisly remains.