Spanish National Police Free Trafficked Vice ‘Prisoners’

This is the moment a special police unit frees women tricked into prostitution and drugs by female vice bosses.

The brothel, in Valencia, south-eastern Spain, was raided by a heavily armed National Police unit who arrested five suspects in a series of raids on 11th April.

It was part of a crackdown on brothels in the tourist hot spot, according to police.

Eight women were freed in the raids, who were kept in “subhuman” conditions like prisoners, according to the police.

Police video footage of the raid, obtained by Newsflash, shows sex workers crammed into one bedsit with bunks and grubby mattresses covering the floor.

As they smash their way in with battering rams and sledgehammers, police swarm through the building armed with handguns and body armour.

All other rooms in the property were used as bedrooms where the women – victims of human trafficking – were forced to have sex.

Surveillance cameras had been installed in the rooms, filming them as they had sex with clients.

The police described the living conditions as subhuman.

Brothel keepers – reported local media – ordered them to perform specific acts from a sex tariff depending on how much clients paid.

The woman, they say, had to be available at any time day or night.

The sex workers also had to take part in so-called ‘white parties’ where sex and drugs are given to clients.

Many, say local media reports, were brutalised before they submitted to work as prostitutes and there were severe punishments for anyone who refused.

Police confiscated EUR 72,000 in cash in cash and seized stashes of cocaine and marijuana.

A laptop, mobile phones and diaries – believed to contain details of punters and their appointments – were also taken away by police.

Spanish police said five suspects had been arrested and eight women freed in the raids.

The female gang boss allegedly told the women how to dress and forced them to hand over half of their income.

Five suspects – who remain in custody – face charges of forming a criminal organisation, organising illegal prostitution and breaching public health regulations.

In a statement the National Police said: “Agents of the National Police have arrested five people in the province of Valencia and have released eight victims of sexual exploitation who lived crowded on mattresses on the floor.

“They have broken up a criminal organisation that sexually exploited its victims. They deceived them through advertisements on contact pages with false economic promises, taking advantage of their irregular situation and vulnerability.

“Those involved determined what type of sexual practices their victims had to carry out, imposing economic sanctions if they refused and having to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Police said the gang bosses forced the girls to work by imposing “abusive conditions” on them.

They explained: “The victims remained in subhuman living quarters.

“The leader of the organisation gave them instructions on how to serve customers or if they were made up or dressed correctly to serve them.

“It also controlled the time spent on sexual services and the money they obtained for it.

“The victims were monitored with video surveillance cameras installed on the dating floors, in such a way that they captured their every movement.”

Investigations into the sex cartel are ongoing.