Virgin Mary Nail Artist Wows With Easter Creations

An Andalucian nail artist has wowed social media users with her stunning Easter-themed creations showing Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Creative Alba Dominguez, 28, from Sevilla, crafted the two-inch-long mini icons on her sister’s hands as a tribute to the Christian festival.

Alba – who took 10 hours to craft the images – also included figures of hooded Nazarenes, local religious groups that stage Holy Week processions in Seville.

The artist, who specialises in manicures for Roma brides, said the nails are unlike anything she has created before.

She claims many people have contacted her and asked for similar creations for Easter, but most have been alarmed by the price.

Alba told local media: “They really are priceless because it is something artistic that I have done for pleasure.

“But I calculate that it would be, at least, EUR 150 for the amount of time it takes to make them, as well as the length.”

Her sister has reportedly managed to keep them intact for a week, but has trouble doing daily chores – including combing her hair.

Alba said: “She gets by as much as she can.”

The delighted artist said her sister has been stopped on the street, with people asking to take pictures of her nails.

And Alba said fans will not be let down, as she has already scheduled another manicuring project for 16th April.

She says the new nail designs she has in mind are sure to top even her Easter creation.

Her greatest wish is to work for famous Catalan singer Rosalia, who has been dubbed the “queen of impossible nails”.