Gunfight At Mexican Starbucks Leaves One Dead

This is the moment a suspected armed robbery in a Starbucks cafe goes badly wrong when one of the victims pulls out a gun and starts shooting back.

The incident happened when crooks tried to steal a Rolex watch from a wealthy businessman from Monterrey named David Gonzalez Cuellar, at the cafe located in the municipality of Tulum, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

Shocking footage shows how David was shot in the head and killed during the incident on 10th April.

It starts off during a peaceful scene in which the businessman is talking on the phone on a chair sitting across from a person, named as Luis Carlos, who is having breakfast with.

A man, who is one of the robbers wearing a crash helmet, comes in and pretends to join the queue for a coffee.

Seconds later a second man who is his accomplice comes in through the front door and then pulls out a gun and demands that the two men hand over their valuables.

As he does so, the second man in the crash helmet then also joins in the robbery but Carlos at the same time pulls out his own gun.


In the brief exchange of fire, the businessman, who is between the two, is shot in the head and killed, while the two robbers flee the hotel pursued by the victim with a gun.

Police confirmed that one of the robbers had been shot and was later arrested after seeking treatment, and two others have also subsequently been arrested as a result of the botched robbery.

A second video is also available that shows the attack from another angle, with people throwing themselves on the floor as the gunfight starts.