Mastechef Banquet Leaves Guests Reeling From Food Poisoning

A special edition of the TV food show MasterChef left 44 people stricken with agonising food poisoning after tucking into a seafood banquet.

The Spanish version of the show whipped up dishes from fish, oysters, clams and algae for 120 workers at the Oceanografic Valencia aquarium.

Producers Shine Iberia recruited top chef Rakel Cernicharo to create the special meal as a tribute to the aquarium’s work.

But it reportedly left 44 people so ill with vomiting and diarrhoea that some sought hospital treatment.

In a now-deleted post, one of the diners reportedly said: “All with gastroenteritis. The next night I had to go to the ER to get Primperan injected into my butt so I could stop vomiting. I lost 5 kilogrammes [11 lbs] in three days.”

The poorly diner added: “My company informed MasterChef of what happened.

“The following days we could not go to work. Public Health called us to investigate what happened but it came to nothing.

“I write this here because they have not even had the decency to write to us to apologise.”

They also said: “Thank you MasterChef for the worst gastronomic experience I have ever had in my life.

“Since we are here, I also encourage you to investigate a little more the relationship between MasterChef and intensive farming.”

Producers Shine Iberia has since apologised, saying: “From MasterChef we are very sorry for the indisposition expressed by some of the diners who attended the recording in Valencia .”

They added: “This is an absolutely exceptional case in these 11 years of MasterChef in Spain, a programme where it is an absolute priority to guarantee the safety of the food for the people involved.”

The stomach-churning menu included Valencian clotxina, a dish made with mussels, which included an Indian twist with spices and mango.

Then there were oysters and clams along with a pesto made with algae as the first course.

The second course included a Thai seabass stew with coconut, dates and peanuts.

And finally, guests were served up a dessert of Japanese cheesecake with seaweed.

Chef Cernicharo had reportedly already said that seafood needs special care.

She stressed that they need to be cooked properly to avoid food poisoning.

The Spanish Department of Health confirmed on 11th April, that 44 people had suffered from food poisoning after participating in the recording of the MasterChef episode.