Puppy Makes Full Recovery After Being Beaten & Buried Alive

A seven-month-old puppy is making great strides and learning to walk again after being beaten over the head and buried alive.

The touching footage shows the seven-month-old female Mastiff puppy dubbed Miracle tentatively walking again after her ordeal.

She can also be seen making friends with a cat at the veterinary clinic where she is being cared for.

Two women were walking between the towns of Piedrafita de Babia and Carrasconte in the Villablino municipality in north-western Spain’s Castile and Leon region on Monday, 27th March, when they heard some distraught yelps.

They found the poor dog completely buried alive apart from one leg and part of her head sticking out of the ground and called the Civil Guard.

When the officers arrived on the scene, they noticed that the women, whose identities remain a mystery, had gone.

The officers then dug up and rescued the dog before taking her to a nearby veterinarian clinic run by Ivan Sanchez Delgado, who is reportedly friends with one of the officers.

The vet examined the dog’s teeth and determined that the young puppy was only seven months old. He also noted that she had two fractures to her head after being beaten with “a large hammer, a flowerpot or an axe handle”.

The pup, named Miracle by her rescuers, reportedly ate her first meal on her own on Friday after being fed with syringes for a few days by her carers.

The swelling to her head has also subsided, and she recently reportedly took her first steps after managing to stand up on her own.

Ivan said that his clinic has already received over 20 phone calls from people who are interested in adopting Miracle.

She is now recovering after her ordeal, with the Spanish Civil Guard investigating the incident in a bid to track down the perpetrators who brutally beat Miracle and buried her alive.