Lucky Escape For Man From Exploding Laundromat

This is the moment a lucky man leaves a laundromat seconds before a dryer explodes in a giant fireball that rips the front of the store clean off.

The incident took place in the port city of A Coruna, in the Galicia region of north-western Spain a few weeks ago, on Tuesday, 14th March, at 7:38pm, with the images only surfacing on social media over the weekend.

The footage shows the lucky customer leaving the laundromat with his laundry seconds before the dryer in the footage comes to a stop, with its door opening before it suddenly erupts in a giant fireball.

The shockwave from the blast can be seen ripping the window and sign clean off the facade of the building as the contents of the dryer continue to burn.

Local media reported that a customer had accidentally left a lighter charger among their clothes, which is what caused the explosion.

Firefighters and other emergency services were deployed to the scene to put out the fire.

Luckily, no injuries were reported.

It is currently unclear who left the lighter charger in the wash.

The police are understood to be investigating the incident after the CCTV footage of the blast was handed over to them by the owners of the laundromat.