Amusement Park Pranksters Pedalling Back Thanks To Police

This is the bizarre moment when an amusement park prankster realises things can go badly wrong when someone calls in the police in Spain..

Two pals had pinched a quad pedal bike in the shape of a horse and carriage from a children’s fair after a late-night drinking session in La Coruna, northern Galicia.

But when police caught them red-handed, they decided the perfect punishment was to make them pedal it back to the theme park.

Video footage – which later emerged on social media – showed one of the men with a burly police officer beside him.

As he huffs and puffs along the road the officer refuses to pedal and can be seen pointing the way.

Onlookers watched in shock as they spotted the odd couple passing through city streets.

Finally, they reached the park and reportedly put the horse back undamaged.

The two bike thieves are said to have apologised and assured police it was just a prank.

It is unclear if they face any fines.