Unwanted Adopted Cat Rejection Causes Furore

Animal lovers in Spain have been left furious after a cat adoption service revealed that this perfect puss has been rejected by new owners for being too loving.

Bastet – named after the cat-headed Ancient Egyptian goddess of protection, pleasure, and good health – had been sent 644 kilometres across Spain to her new home.

But pet home finders Zafiro Protectora – or Sapphire Protector – have revealed that she was rejected for being “too affectionate”.

The adoption agency announced the baffling rejection in a viral tweet on 30th March that notched up more than 2.2 million views.

They said: “Much to our regret, we have to put Bastet up for adoption again.

“Her adopter is overwhelmed by the fact that she is so affectionate.”

Bastet had been sent to her new owner’s home in Barcelona in eastern Spain’s Catalonia region from Murcia in the south of the country.

But the agency said: “We need to bring her from Barcelona to Murcia as soon as possible.”

The response from netizens has been overwhelming, with people offering to give cute Bastet a new home.

Netizen ‘AnnaGorse_’ shared a snap of her own cat and said: “If you need a house at any time to avoid the trip to Murcia, here in Barcelona you have it and also with a little friend to play.”

And ‘Aleky_Orea’ said: “Sorry? They are overwhelmed that she is so affectionate, but it is the best thing that can happen to you with a cat.”

While ‘MiriamGutirz’ said: “Good afternoon, what a pity. I don’t know how people can be like this. Would there be a possibility of adoption? I live in Madrid, and I would love to adopt her.”

Zafiro Protectora said: “We are overwhelmed, it has taken us a long time to speak to all of you who have been interested in helping her.”

Many netizens were appalled that an adopted pet could be returned but Zafiro Protectora explained: “Unfortunately there are many times that no matter how many requirements we put… Questionnaires and more processes are carried out but there are times that it does not go well.”

But lucky Bastet is trying again, with the adoption agency having reportedly found her a new home in Barcelona so she will not have to make a return trip to Murcia.