Rare Picasso Work Goes Under The Hammer

A painting by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso estimated at EUR 1.5 million to EUR 2.5 million  is due to go under the hammer in Germany.

The 1971 oil-on-canvas work, titled ‘Buste de femme’ (Bust of a Woman), will be put up for auction by the Cologne auction house Van Ham.

It is the first time in at least 25 years that such a significant artwork by Malaga-born Picasso (1881-1973) is being offered on the German auction market.

The painting measures 92 by 73.5 centimetres (36 by 29 inches) and is believed to be inspired by the Cubist’s second wife, Jacqueline Roque, whose estate it comes from.

Image shows painting named ‘Bust of a Woman’, by Pablo Picasso from 1971. It will go under the hammer in the city of Cologne, Germany, for the first time in 25 years at the value of between EUR 1.5 million and EUR 2.5 million. (VAN HAM Kunstauktionen KG/Newsflash)

In a statement obtained by Newsflash, Van Ham said: “For its 500th auction on 5th and 6th June, 2023, the Cologne-based auction house Van Ham has been entrusted with the impressive painting ‘Buste de femme’ by Pablo Picasso – a sensation on the German auction market!”

Robert van den Valentyn, auctioneer and shareholder of Van Ham Kunstauktionen, said: “Presumably, a comparable painting by Pablo Picasso has never been offered on the German auction market.

“It is an honour that such a high-quality unique piece by Picasso has been entrusted to us.”

Van Ham said: “Pablo Picasso was enthusiastic about women – not only in his private life, but also in his works.

“In particular, his second wife Jacqueline Roque appears in numerous of his works and can also be recognised in the painting ‘Buste de femme’, created in 1971 (estimate: EUR 1,500,000 – EUR 2,500,000).

“The work comes from the estate of Jacqueline Picasso and is listed in Christian Zervos’ catalogue raisonne under number 156.

Spanish painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso poses in 1962.  (Newsflash)

“‘Buste de femme’ was exhibited at the Kjarvalsstadir Museum in Reykjavik in 1986.

“It is a sensation that an oil painting by Pablo Picasso of international class is being offered at a German auction.

“It underscores the trust in the German art market as well as the importance of the location in Cologne in particular.

“The painting comes from a large, important German private collection with international artists of the highest calibre.

“Among the more than 600 positions with a total volume of over EUR 10 million are outstanding works of the highest quality, including highlights from Louise Bourgeois, Victor Brauner, Hans Hartung, Paul Klee, Georges Mathieu, Serge Poliakoff, Sigmar Polke, Egon Schiele, Kurt Schwitters, Antoni Tapies, and Guenther Uecker.”