Crowds Gather To Watch Downtown Madrid Hotel Couple Sex

This is the steamy moment when a couple’s sexy romp in a hotel room brought one of Madrid’s busiest streets to a standstill after they forgot to pull the blinds.

Hundreds of shoppers were stopped in their tracks to gawp open-mouthed at the impromptu live sex show.

And in videos of the romp – later shared on social media – drivers can be heard honking their horns to apparently cheer on the randy pair.

One video of the romp – shot in Gran Via in the Spanish capital, reportedly over the weekend (11/12th March) – shows the couple with the woman bent over and the man thrusting from behind.

The video of one TikToker – @franfachero – has been seen more than 4 million times and is captioned: “This is Spain.”

And even though the room’s windows were steamed up, their movements left nothing to the imagination.

A second clip appears to show the woman with her legs clamped around the man’s neck.

The street is known as Madrid’s Broadway for the number of theatres and cinemas it contains.

Many of those who watched were students at the entrance to the Callao Metro.

Now police are hunting for the couple for causing a public disturbance which could lead to a stiff fine.