Erasmus Student Airport Eating Goes Viral

This footage going viral with over half a million views shows how Spanish Erasmus exchange students were forced to eat over 20 kgs of food before boarding a plane to avoid paying additional fees for the extra luggage.

The seven students from different universities in Spain were on their way to Iceland as part of an Erasmus exchange programme.

They said they did not want to spend money on food abroad so they packed up a suitcase that can carry about 45 lbs of weight.

But as they got to the airport, security weighed their luggage and it turned out they had packed over 65 lbs of food.

Not wanting to throw out the food away or pay for the additional load – the group then decided to munch through the excess 20 lbs of grub.

In a video uploaded to Tik Tok, the students explained what happened to them in detail.

“Come with us in this sad story”, they begin by explaining, while adding that: “We took a 20-kilogramme [45 lb] suitcase to go to Iceland and not pay for food there, but it weighed more than 30 kilogrammes [65 lbs] so we had to eat 10 kilogrammes [20 lbs] as quickly as possible”.

The students can then be seen taking out several food containers and cutlery before they begin to eat as much as they can, as fast as they can, so they would not miss their flight.

The video had notched up over 534,000 views at the time of writing, with many netizens poking fun at the students and their predicament.

One TikTok user – ‘Marina Dedu’ – said: “Put the Tupperware in each coat pocket and that’s it.”

While another user, ‘Valeria Sports Teacher’, said: “This is my ideal travel group.”

And user ‘carla olmedo’ added: “For these things I miss Erasmus.”