Another Narco Sub Seized On High Seas

This is the moment police divers close in on yet another Narco mini-submarine after it was apparently scuttled off the coast of Spain.

The sub – reportedly only the second found in Europe, amongst many being discovered on the High Seas , was spotted sinking in the Arousa estuary near Vilagarcia, off the coast of Spain’s northern Pontevedra Province, in the Galicia region, on Monday, 13th March.

Video footage of the raid shows the bow of the 15-metre (50-foot) craft emerging from the waves.

It is not known whether it still contains narcotics or if it was sunk deliberately after its cargo had been switched to speedboats.

Local media reported it was found close to where Europe’s first narco sub was discovered in 2019 loaded with 3,000 kilogrammes (6,613 lbs) of cocaine. That sub had also been found in the Pontevedra region.

Newsflash obtained a first statement from┬áthe Guardia Civil on Monday, 13th March, saying that the first piece of footage shows “images of the inspection by the Guardia Civil of the semi-submersible that appeared in Vilagarcia de Arousa.”

The Guardia Civil added: “Our colleagues at the GEAS [Grupo Especial de Actividades Subacuaticas; Special Group of Underwater Activities] are trying to retrieve it.”

Underwater images filmed by divers then show the narco sub below the surface.

Newsflash obtained a second statement from┬áthe Delegacion del Gobierno en Galicia, the Galician local government, also on Monday, 13th March, regarding the second piece of footage, saying: “The sub-delegate of the government in Pontevedra, Maica Larriba, flew this morning to the area where the submarine was located, in Vilaxoan, in the Arousa Ria area.

“She is also following the operations conducted in the port by the Spanish Civil Guard and the National Police. Work by the Salvamento Maritimo (Maritime Safety and Rescue Society) is also ongoing in the area.”

The images, filmed from a helicopter, show a vessel belonging to the authorities in the water above the submarine.

The third piece of footage appears to show the submarine with part of it above the surface, with a vessel belonging to the authorities at the scene.

It was unclear at the time of writing if the authorities had managed to access the sub or if they had found anybody or any drugs aboard the vessel.

Local media reported that the authorities were having trouble opening the hatch to the vessel and were working on bringing the sub to the surface despite choppy waters and poor weather conditions.