Ex-Wife Wins Over 200,000 Euros Housework Payout From Husband

A court in the Andalucian town of Velez-Malaga, has ruled that a divorced woman should be compensated with over Є204,000 for the domestic housework that she performed during her 25-year marriage.

According to the ruling, the 48-year old woman, performed all the household chores “exclusively” while also contributing “punctually” to the family business, where she did the cleaning.

The court decided in favour of Ivana Moral, and ordered her ex-husband to pay her €204,624.86, ‘calculating the figure based on the annual minimum wage’ throughout their marriage, said the ruling.

The couple have two daughters, with their marriage governed by a separation of assets which specified that whatever each party earned was theirs alone, which in this case would have left the wife with no access to any of the wealth acquired through years of partnership.

Since marrying, the wife had dedicated herself ‘to essentially working in the home, which meant looking after the home and the family and all that involves’, the ruling said.

Legal papers showed a breakdown of what she would have earned annually for the years between June 1995 and December 2020.

The separated couple share two daughters and the marriage was governed by a separation of property regime, which specified that whatever each party earned was theirs alone.

The lawsuit urged the recognition of such compensation, since the woman “was deprived of any possible career due to her exclusive dedication to the home and family”,. In contrast, the man, “throughout the years of marriage, accumulated and exponentially increased his assets”.