Three Massive Sinkoles Appear After Mallorca Rain Deluge

This incredible video shows three massive holes created by heavy rain and storm in three places in the resort island of Mallorca.

They include an eight-metre hole found in Avenida Conde de Sallent, in the islands capital, Palma, near Plaza Espana, another sinkhole found in front of the old Pacha nightclub in Paseo Maritimo, and the last one, in Avenidas, in front of the downtown department store of El Corte Ingles.

The eight-metre sinkhole road collapse happened around 3am on 27th February, and is seen to have occupied the central pavement and three traffic lanes.

This meant that only a single lane was usable in the Plaza Espana direction for public transportation and three lanes in the reverse direction.

Also, vehicles were being diverted toward General Riera and Antoni Marques tunnel.

The fault was discovered to be a broken water distribution line.

Water utility company Emaya redirected the water supply, avoiding the need for it to be cut off, although it meant water pressure in taps was noticeably lower. Engineers are studying the cause of the breakage and how to restore the line to full working order.

The local police have also diverted vehicles from the second sinkhole on Avenida Gabriel Roca near Pacha to Porto Pi (Joan Miro avenue and Monsenor Palmer street).

The Balearic Islands Port Authority’s Municipal technicians and operators are now working on it.

The mayor of Palma, Jose Hila, the Councilor for Infrastructures and Accessibility, Angelica Pastor, and the President of Emaya Ramon Perpinya, have seen the eight-metre sinkhole and are looking for the origin and solution to the problem.

The mayor also reiterated that the safety of his citizens comes first while they are looking at how to fill up the hole too.