Spanish Activitist Released From Tehran Jail Arrives In Madrid

An activist jailed in Iran for taking part in anti-hijab protests has been released from prison and sent back home to Spain, it has emerged.

Human rights campaigner Ana Baneira, 24 – from the city of Coruna, Spain – had been behind bars for three months accused of joining anti-government demos.

Now – after diplomatic pressure from Spain – Ana was allowed to return home on Saturday, 25th February.

Ana is said to be in good health following the months spent in Iranian custody and was already on a plane to Madrid in the early afternoon on 26th February.

Ana Baneira, 24, poses in undated photo. She was released from custody in Iran, on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2022, she was arrested in Iran for participating in the protests that occurred after the death of the Masha Amini, in November, 2022. (Ana Baneira/Newsflash)

Ana is one of two Spanish nationals known to have been arrested in Iran amid protests all over the country following the death of Mahsa Amini.

Mahsa died in police custody after she had been arrested for not wearing her hijab properly.

The other Spaniard is 41-year-old Santiago Sanchez, a football fan who was detained while crossing Iran as he walked to the World Cup in Qatar.

Sanchez has been behind bars ever since his alleged visit to the grave of Mahsa Amini last October.

The ministry has only been able to secure the release of Ana so far but claims they are continuing work on Sanchez’s case.