Tenerife Carnival Street Fight Carnage

This is the awkward moment a pirate, and several naked men indulge in a drunken punch-up during the celebration of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The fight occurred on Bethencourt Alfonso street, popularly known as San Jose, on Sunday night (19th February), and ended when the cops intervened to make two arrests.

In the footage, a naked man in an apron is involved in the punch-up before falling to the floor and being kicked and stamped on.

A pirate waving his sword attempts to defend the man on the floor, and another with his trunks down exposing his backside and a pink hat is also wading in to try and defend the man lying on the floor.

Online commentators speculated that they probably were suffering from too much drink.

Several cops went to the scene and were able to arrest two people who turned out to be Belgian citizens they said were responsible for the attack on a 39-year-old Italian man. The Belgian duo were not named but are reportedly aged 34 and 31.

The brawl started in a nearby restaurant and the reason for the fighting is not known.

The man who was injured and was seen lying on the ground had declined healthcare, even though some reports indicated that he suffered several bruises and lost two teeth.

The footage of the comical assailants was widely popular with one person saying: “What a great ass the one person had! I want him to be my husband.”