Spanish Customs Seize Stolen To Order US Cars On Way To Africa

Spanish authorities have seized 24 luxury cars, including Porsches and Cadillacs, which were stolen from the USA and destined for the African market.

Officers from the Guardia Civil reportedly took hold of the 2 million Euros worth of all vehicles at the Port of Algeciras, in Andalucia, on Monday, 29th February 2023.

They suspected that the luxury vehicles seized as part of their “American Stuff” secret operation were intended to be sent to African countries.

Cops reportedly investigated signs in the area for about a year before they found the high-end jeeps and Aston Martins, in containers that arrived last month.

Civil Guard officials said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “The investigators carried out risk analysis in the port of Algeciras during the past year, [and] had detected an increase in the illicit traffic of high-end vehicles coming from the United States through containers.

“The agents have been able to verify that they were stolen vehicles in the United States, because of which they have been returned.

“We have collaborated with the authorities there to continue the investigations.

“The operation was carried out by civil guards from the Fiscal Analysis and Investigation Office (ODAIFI) and Customs Surveillance officials from the Tax Agency (Combined Customs Surveillance Unit of Algeciras), both attached to the Risk Analysis Unit ( UAR) of the Customs of Algeciras.”

Interpol data stated that stolen vehicles are often trafficked to fund and carry out other criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, arms dealing, and people smuggling.