Bill Gates Team Booked 3 Star Restaurant For Two Days To Drink A Coke

A celebrity chef has slammed Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates after he turned up with an entourage of 25 escorts at his three Michelin-starred restaurant – and only ordered a Coke.

After the restaurant in Barcelona, which can cater to up to 56 people, was closed for Gates and his 25 retainers, the chef Jordi Cruz Mas said: “There are people who have a lot of money and value nothing.”

He was speaking on a local TV show when he said: “It was a little while ago that Bill Gates was in my restaurant with his 25 escort.”

Photo shows Bill Gates, undated. He visited the ABaC restaurant in Barcelona, Spain (Newsflash)

He said that the billionaire’s team had booked up the restaurant for two days to reserve places for the Microsoft founder and added: “We had prepared some really exquisite things for him to eat, and you know what Bill did? He ordered a Cola light, and then he left for his plane.

“I mean, does he think it’s necessary to close down a good restaurant to everybody just so that he can drink a cola?”

Many people commented on the story reflecting on something that Gates had once told Business Insider: “Being rich can make you lose track of reality.”

Photo shows Spanish Michelin star chef Jordi Cruz Mas, undated. He was shocked when Bill Gates didn’t try a single dish in the ABaC restaurant in Barcelona, Spain. (Newsflash)

He added that it was not the first time he had been involved with the wealthy Microsoft founder.

He added that in 2016, Gates had visited the restaurant he was working in and left his passport behind, and then had to call from the airport to get it collected.

He said: “You wouldn’t believe how many trips he made in a year.”

The Michelin star restaurant’s EUR 295 tasting menu includes whipped hazelnut butter with bread crusts and caviar, guineafowl flame-roasted with corn, foie gras, sesame and black mole sauce, and a globe of lollipops with strawberry kakigori, milk chocolate, and tonka beans.