Rapper’s Delight As Dollar Throwing Stunt Causes Street Scramble

A famous American rapper caused online controversy after he was accused of throwing hundreds of dollar bills at fans from a luxury hotel in Cuba.

But he denied the stunt and claimed it was a doppelganger after footage of the incident apparently embarrassed the local government and caused an hours-long internet disruption as people with phones rushed to the area to record videos.

Fans of the 26-year-old rapper Daniel Hernandez, better known under his stage name 6ix9ine, crowded the gates of the Packard Hotel where he was reportedly staying in Havana, in Cuba’s capital city.

His stay especially gained attention after a video began circulating online, showing people running towards the front of the hotel while dollar bills apparently flew in the air.

The rapper started throwing the money from a car outside the hotel, according to some local media outlets.

Other outlets reported he tossed the banknotes from his hotel room window.

Hernandez is known for leading an eccentric lifestyle and has done this gesture a few times before.

But on this occasion, he denied doing it.

It was also speculated in some Cuban news portals that two unknown people got on top of the car and threw the dollars, impersonating the rapper.

Hernandez himself said in a social media post: “Someone dressing like me is crazy. Los amo. Cuba.”

Not too long after the incident, internet users started having trouble connecting online because there were so many in the area using mobile phones.

The problems in the service began at approximately 7pm local time on 16th February when people stopped having data on their cell phones, and even telephone communication was suspended.

Cuba’s state telecommunications company reportedly confirmed the service disruption occurring.

It was reportedly restored in the early morning hours of 17th February.

The rapper’s alleged stunt made some Cuban netizens angry, who criticised the act of throwing money and called it “humiliating”.

While much of the local population reportedly received it quite well, especially given the economic crisis that the island has been going through for years.