Self-Styled Shaman Arrested Mid Drug Enhanced Ceremony

A self-styled shaman who held mind-bending rituals with psychoactive drugs and hallucinogenic frogs has been seized by police.

The woman – seen in the footage wearing a feathered headdress in front of an altar – advertised her druggy ceremonies on social media networks.

Spanish National Police raided her home in San Bartolome de Tirajana, in the Canary Islands, as part of a crackdown on ritualist drug taking called Operation Ruchka on 15th February.

Footage of the raid, obtained from the Spanish police, shows officers searching the property for illegal substances in front of the shocked shamed and her clients who were about to start a ritual.

Police with sniffer dogs found hallucinogenics like bufo toad and kambo frog, said to be 40 times more powerful than morphine, according to local media.

They also found psychoactive ayahuasca tea known as ‘little death’ and once taken by Prince Harry.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Spanish National Police on Wednesday, 15 February, saying: “The National Police detains a person who organised neo-shamanic rituals with the consumption of prohibited and dangerous psychoactive substances.

“The detainee advertised through social networks and websites the celebration of these rituals in which the consumption of different psychoactive substances was offered, such as ayahuasca, bufo toad, kambo frog and San Pedro cactus.”

The police said that after getting tip-offs over the rituals they opened an investigation into the shaman.

They explained: “National Police agents have arrested a woman in the municipality of Santa LucĂ­a de Tirajana (Gran Canaria) who organised neo-shamanic rituals where prohibited and dangerous psychoactive substances were supplied.

“The arrested woman is charged as allegedly responsible for crimes against public health and professional intrusion.

“The organiser publicised these rituals through social networks and websites, as well as the psychoactive substances that were provided, such as ayahuasca, bufo toad, kambo frog, San Pedro cactus and other similar ones.

“During the development of the investigation, it has been possible to verify that minors participated in these rituals on some occasions.

“In the search carried out on the occasion of the police operation in which this woman was arrested, numerous containers with various kinds of substances, utensils used for their consumption and dosage, and a large number of elements and beads habitually used by native shamans of the Amazon basin during the celebration of this kind of rituals were seized.”

The investigation is ongoing.