Golden Balls As Thieves Make Off With 80,000 EUR Of Sex Toys

Thieves have made off with EUR 80,000 worth of golden dildos after breaking into a factory run by one the world’s largest sex toy makers.

Police in Seville, Spain, believe the crooks disabled street lighting before entering the Dreamlove factory on an industrial estate.

CEO Mario Romero Molina said the gang made straight for the firm’s 24-carat gold-plated vibrators worth up to EUR 17,000 a piece.

Plain steel dildos – also stolen in the raid – can cost between EUR 2,000 and EUR 3,000.

Photo shows an illustrative image of a golden sex toy, undated. Alleged thieves reportedly stole gold-covered sex toys worth more than GBP 15,000 each from a factory in Spain. (Newsflash)

Local media reported that the gang also stole EUR 25,000 in cash from the company’s safe in the break-in at 11:41pm on Wednesday, 1st February.

Spanish media report that the thieves blocked off the street with fences and cut the electrical wiring to the lampposts so that the street would be left in the dark.

Dreamlove’s security cameras reportedly recorded three masked intruders breaking into the factory while a fourth gang member may have guarded their getaway vehicle.

Firm boss Molina said the adult toys would be very hard to sell on the black market as they are very rare and easily recognisable.

With an annual turnover of EUR 18 million, Dreamlove sells sex toys all over Europe and as far afield as the USA, South Africa and Hong Kong.

The investigation into the robbery is reported to be ongoing.