Heroic Neighbour Saves Family From Sevilla Apartment Fire

This is the moment when a heroic neighbour comes to the rescue of a young family and saves them and their child from an apartment blaze in Andalucia.

The fire broke out on the second floor of a block of flats in Seville, on 30th January.

In footage taken from an apartment across the street, a local man named Jairo could be seen with his legs at full stretch.

He had one foot on a windowsill and the other on a separating wall as he heroically grabbed a kid with just one arm from an open window billowing smoke.

He was then able to move the youngster to safety.

Footage shows how a man was able to jump from the same window and land on a safety mattress while a woman left the burning building down a ladder.

No deaths were reported in the blaze, but local media said 15 people – including five under-18s – were injured.

The fire may have started in a heater in a living room, said reports.

Local media reported that Jairo managed to grab two children – aged two and six – from the smoke-filled apartment, saving their lives.

Reports also said that the man who jumped – the children’s father – broke both legs in the fall.

He had decided not to wait for the ladder, local media reported, as he could not take the heat of the burning flat any longer.

Jairo waited with the woman – the children’s mother – until she was able to get down the ladder to safety.

He later told local media: “I immediately put my shoes on and left running. I grabbed the children with one hand and threw them to the next-door neighbour.”

On why he decided to act, he said: “No one was doing anything.”

And on his wait with the mother until she was rescued by the fire brigade, he said he gave her “some advice and words of encouragement so she would hang on in there”.