Stalking Albino Beast Turns Out To Be Domestic Cat

A large mysterious albino cat stalking a neighbourhood in southern Spain has turned out to be just a large domestic cat, it has emerged.

Municipal police in the area had ordered the public to take care after the terrifying white prowler was filmed stalking woodlands.

The apparently huge beast had emerged from the undergrowth in Los Barrios, Cadiz Province.

Video footage – shot on farmland – shows the mystery cat prowling along the tree line apparently unconcerned that it has been spotted.

Compared to trees and shrubs in the footage, it looks about the size of a tiger.

One senior official even declared that it could have been an albino tiger that had escaped from a domestic cage.

Los Barrios’s mayor said many people liked to keep exotic pets and it was possible it had escaped from a home.

But now officials in Los Barrios have confirmed officially that the mystery creature is actually probably just a big cat.

Mayor Miguel Fermin Alconchel said in a city council plenary session: “The matter is not as serious as it was made out to be.”