Headless Beach Body Victim Murderer Confesses

A man who hacked his ex to pieces and dumped her body at sea to avoid her being identified as her killer has confessed to police in Spain.

The mutilated body of victim Natalia Mosquera – a 46-year-old mum-of-two – was found by fishermen after it washed up on a Marbella beach on 8th January.

Calculating engineer Leonel Herrera, 45, had cut off her head and hands and had even carved off a distinctive tattoo on her abdomen.

The sick killer had also sliced open her stomach so gases that form in the body after death did not bring her body to the surface.

But the headless corpse of the Colombian native was found washed up on the Las Canas Beach beach in Marbella, Spain, on Sunday, 8th January.

Natalia had moved to Spain several years ago, in order to ensure a better life for her family.


Her niece Karen Etayo said: “She was a humble, warrior woman. She raised her children alone, holding on to God’s hand. She was very devoted.”

Pharmacy graduate Natalia had reportedly worked as a nurse in a retirement home, when she met Herrera in July 2022.

But she ended the relationship four months later, after he reportedly hit her in the face and almost broke her nose on Monday, 19th December 2022.

Etayo said: “She told my grandmother that she had met a man. But he was rude and aggressive towards her.

“He began to psychologically mistreat her and then attacked her. This was frightening.”

She then reportedly filed a complaint against the 45-year-old man, after which he received a restraining order for 16 months.

Enraged by the order, Herrera plotted to get his revenge.

On the day of the killing, he and an accomplice kidnapped Natalia and drove to an isolated part of the beach.

After killing her, he butchered her body and dumped her remains out at sea.

National Police said in a statement obtained by Newsflash on 12th January: “Two people have been arrested, the first of them as the alleged perpetrator who, given the evidence that incriminated him in the disappearance of the victim, has ended up admitting the crime at police headquarters.

“The second detainee, a friend of the first one investigated, had taken him and the still-alive victim in a van to the location where the homicide took place.”

Both of them reportedly confessed their crimes when they were arrested and are currently in custody awaiting trial.

The Special Group for Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Civil Guard have meanwhile begun looking for the rest of the woman’s remains in the sea.