Ready Teddy Go! Strangers Make New Teddy For Sick Boy After He Lost Original

A four-year-old boy suffering from a rare genetic disease was made happy again by generous strangers who bought him an exact replica of his lost favourite teddy bear.

Marcos, a four-year-old boy from Valencia, Spain, who suffers from a rare intestinal disease, had locals take part in an active search for his beloved stuffed teddy, nicknamed Fantito, after accidentally losing it in a local park.

Marcos was reportedly heartbroken after learning his favourite teddy had gone missing and could not face not getting it back.

His parents launched an online campaign to find the lost toy and posted pictures of Fantito on their Instagram accounts, where they often share posts to spread awareness about Marcos’ condition.

They also offered a reward of EUR 100 to anyone who finds the stuffed animal.

Photo shows Marcos, the four-year-old boy from Valencia, with his stuffed animal ‘Fantito,’ undated. The stuffed animal was lost during a walk through the Parc Central in Valencia, Spain, on Dec. 29, 2022. (@lamochilademarcos/Newsflash)

The post quickly reached many concerned and kind locals who immediately tried to help, with even the Civil Guard getting involved in the search.

Kind-hearted strangers who sympathised with the boy decided to help bring joy back into his life and bought Marcos an exact replica of the stuffed toy – and called it Fantito 2.0.

Although the lost stuffed animal has not appeared, the new Fantito is apparently identical to the previous toy that always accompanied Marcos.

Marcos reportedly suffers from Intestinal yoyouia, an illness that prevents him from absorbing nutrients from food and requires regular medical treatments.

Marcos had always brought Fantito to his hospital visits ever since he was five months old.

His mother, Cintia Perez, said that the teddy had been given to Marcos as a gift from a coworker of hers, to comfort the boy through the difficulties brought on by his condition.

The boy had since grown very attached to Fantito and would always bring it along wherever he goes.

And although the campaign led by Marcos’ parents to find the stuffed toy yielded no results, the new toy resembles his favourite companion so much that he has not been able to tell the difference.