Authorities On Alert As Mysterious Big Cat Stalks Cadiz

Police in Spain have ordered the public to take care after a mysterious white big cat apparently the size of a tiger was filmed stalking woodlands.

The huge beast emerged from the undergrowth in Los Barrios, Cadiz Province.

Video footage – shot on farmland – shows the mystery cat prowling along the tree line apparently unconcerned that it has been spotted.

Compared to trees and shrubs in the footage, the cat looks about the size of a tiger.

And its long, thick tail seems to rule out the theory that it could just be a large domestic moggie.

One senior official said it could be an albino tiger that had escaped from a domestic cage.

The public warning came after the person who filmed the footage shared it with the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard.

Specially trained officers are currently attempting to locate the big cat.

Eyewitnesses who had seen the animal confirmed it was bigger than a domestic cat, but experts have not been able to identify what species it might be.

The mayor of Los Barrios said many people liked to keep exotic pets and it was possible it had escaped from a home.

He speculated that it could well be an albino tiger.

Others, however, suggested that the angle of the video meant that it might actually be considerably smaller, maybe even a large domestic puss.

Police say there are no reports of any animals matching the description of the one filmed having escaped from either a zoo or a sanctuary.

But they added it could be an illegally-kept big cat that had not been registered with wildlife officials.