Dramatic High Wire Rescue For Terrified Climber

This is the dizzying moment firefighters rescue a hiker stuck on a zip line over a terrifying, 200-foot sheer drop onto rocks.

Mountain rescue experts in Malaga Province, southern Spain, carried out the inch-by-inch rescue after the woman climber found she could not go forwards or back on the line on Tuesday, 27th December.

The zip line is part of a complex of rope bridges and high-altitude challenges for daredevils in the municipality of Gaucin.

Footage shows how the woman hiker had been left with her legs dangling over the deadly drop.

The clip shows how a fireman had to meet her on the zip line as she was pulled inch by inch towards the safety of a rocky crag.

Other firemen helped with the gruelling rescue operation from the clifftop.

The woman was found to be unhurt when her feet were finally able to touch the ground again.

It is not clear how she had become stuck on the zip line or if there were any problems with the line or her equipment.