Day Of The Innocents Nativity Kidnap Prank Nearly Goes Wrong

A prank nearly went wrong when it was reported that heartless kidnappers had stolen a life-sized baby Jesus from a church nativity scene and demanded a EUR 10,000 ransom.

The pranksters celebrating Spain´s Day Of The Innocents ( the Spanish equivalent of April Fools Day) when pranks and real fake news abound nearly found themselves in hot water before the joke dawned.

The “kidnappers” mocked police in a video demanding the cash, saying Jesus was no longer safe in their hands.

A TikTok account created by them shows posts giving their demands made with their faces covered and their voices distorted.

They also posted a video showing three of them fleeing with baby Jesus using electric scooters.

According to the pranksters, the model of the infant Christ has been guarded by police after a previous kidnap at the church in Barbera del Vallas, a suburb of Barcelona.

But on the night of the theft on 28th December, police had left the baby in its crib, local mayor -who may have been in on the joke – Xavier Garces, told local media.

Now church leaders fear they may have to cancel their Epiphany service on 6th January!

Police are not investigating the theft.