Tiger Discovered In Car Boot During Routine Stop

Traffic police who pulled over a couple for a routine check were astonished when they found a live tiger in their boot.

Public Security Department officials in El Marques, Queretaro state, stopped the car on State Highway 200-210 on Tuesday morning (27th December).

They had signalled for the driver to pull over, but when they went to inspect their luxury SUV, the couple behaved aggressively and tried to speed away.

They were halted in their tracks when the officers quickly parked a patrol car in their path, blocking their getaway route.

Suspects Manuel and Orfelina – whose surnames are being withheld due to strict local privacy laws – were arrested.

Officers were shocked when they found four handguns and 98 live rounds of ammunition when they searched the vehicle.

But they could barely believe it when they opened the boot and found a live tiger cub among a stack of suitcases and rucksacks.

A video of the moment shows the police doing their best to keep the young cub calm before expert animal handlers arrive.

And the cub – which looks healthy and unharmed – seems to be used to playing with people.

The young tiger was confiscated by officers, who have handed it on to wildlife experts.

The trafficking of wild animals is considered a criminal offence in Mexico.

The Attorney General’s Office is investigating the case.