Driver Who Rammed Christmas Eve Revellers Arrested

A driver who repeatedly rammed a group of street brawlers as he chased them outside a nightclub has been seized by police and accused of attempted murder.

Shocking footage of the carnage – filmed in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia, on Christmas morning (25th December) – shows the driver apparently hunting for victims.

The attack left one person with serious hip and leg injuries and two more with less-serious injuries.

Their identities are being withheld.

Video footage of the drama shows how the incident begins as a brawl in a car park.

It escalates dramatically when a driver decides to use his car as a weapon and repeatedly accelerates into the group of young men and women.

As he drives around the car park, he seems to be selecting victims from the crowd.

During one charge, he knocks a young man to the ground, leaving him lying motionless on the tarmac.

He then accelerates towards him a second time, knocking his limp body into the air as onlookers scream in terror.

The motorist is then seen speeding away.

National Police later arrived on the scene and tended to the victims until paramedics could arrive.

The driver was arrested on 26th December after he turned himself in at the police station, local media reported.

Police are withholding his name but described him as a 34-year-old resident of the city.

He is facing charges of attempted murder and dangerous driving.

As part of the investigation, police will also work to ascertain if any of the others involved are also liable for criminal charges.