Christmas Joy For Ukrainian Boy Reunited With Mum

This is the touching moment a 12-year-old Ukrainian boy is reunited with his mother after being separated by the war.

The boy, who has been named only as Oleksandr, has been living in Cordoba, Spain, with his aunt and a Spanish tutor, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He had not seen his mother since then, as she had stayed in Ukraine along with her other son, who is an adult.

The footage shows the moment his mother, who has not been named, surprised him after practice on a sports field.

She can be seen walking towards him with her arms outstretched, and for a moment, he does not appear to believe his eyes.

Then suddenly, he hurries over and hugs her tightly.

He reportedly said: “I don’t believe it, it’s a dream.”

The people filming stay at a distance and give them that space but they can be heard clapping and cheering at the tender reunion.

Jorge Hernandez, the president of CD Juanin y Diego, where Oleksandr plays football, told local media that Oleksandrde’s aunt has lived in Spain for years.

Speaking about the mother’s journey to see her son, he added: “It was a three-day trip by van and more than 9,000 kilometres (5,600 miles) from the Polish border.”

The CD Juanin y Diego football club said in a statement: “Our child football player Oleksandr received the Christmas present that he had been asking for for so many months, his mother. Separated by the war and after a hard journey, the reunion took place. Images that make us value what is truly important.”