Tragedy As Toddler Dies After 20 Hours In Car Alongside Body Of Dead Grandad

A 22-month-old toddler left freezing and trapped in a car with his dead grandfather after he suffered a diabetic attack has died.

Doctors had fought for almost a week to save the youngster’s life after he was found in the car alongside his grandfather between the towns of Villarrasa and Rociana del Condado in Spain.

The tragedy happened when the grandfather named Antonio Blanco Gil, 55, from the town of Manzanilla, in the province of Huelva, in Spain, tried to get treatment at two separate medical centres as he was feeling unwell on Wednesday, 7th December.

Picture shows the unidentified grandfather and his 22-month-old grandson, undated. They had been missing in Manzanilla, Spain, since Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022, they were located on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022, the grandfather died and the grandson is in the intensive care unit, in serious condition. (Newsflash)

He often looked after the little boy while the parents worked, and took the child with him when he needed to go to the doctor.

Because the medical centres he visited were overcrowded, he got back into his black Skoda Octavia to deliver the child back to the parents when he suffered a diabetic incident. He reportedly tried to inject himself with insulin using a syringe found next to his body, but had apparently been unable to do so before he died.

The police believe that he drove off the road after becoming confused when his blood sugar levels fell, and although he tried to answer the phone when relatives called him, he was unable to speak or give details about where he was.

An alert was put out to try and find him and the little lad was only found when the car was noticed the next day by a forestry worker who had spotted it was the same car featured on the news.

The 55-year-old passionate agricultural worker had apparently been on his way to take little Daniel to his parents’ place in the town of Almonte.

The forestry worker who found the car had spotted it the day earlier, but had not given any thought and had not realised there was anybody was inside.

Police were on the scene and arranged for a medical helicopter to take little Daniel to the Virgen del Rocio hospital in the city of Seville, where the medics fought to save his life but without success. Daniel died on Tuesday, 13th December.

The lad had suffered from hypothermia, a lack of food and a lack of oxygen that had caused hypoglycaemia.

Overnight the temperatures reportedly plunged to 10 degrees when the boy was alone with his grandfather in the car.

Early reports indicated that maybe it was a suicide attempt but the family said that the older man, although suffering from depression, often said the best thing in his life was his grandson.

Antonio’s godson Francisco Manuel Moreno, 33, said: “He had raised him, his grandson was what he loved the most and he would not hurt him in life.”