Elderly Man Gored In Valencia Bullfighting Fiesta

An 82-year-old man has been hospitalised after being gored and tossed by a charging bull.

The incident took place during the Bou en Corda (Bull on a Rope) festivities in Ontinyent, in Spain’s Valencia region, on Sunday, 4th December.

Footage shows revellers running from the lone bull through the city streets.

But the elderly man is unable to outpace the bovine, which charges into him horns-first, tossing him in the air and against a wall.

People can be heard screaming as the man’s limp body then hits the pavement with a thud.

The bull continues to gore him until it is pulled away by the rope tied around its neck.

The man was taken to hospital with trauma to the front of his head and his left occipital lobe, as well as a cut to his left hand.

At the time of reporting, he remained in hospital with a guarded prognosis.

Local media described his condition as “serious”.

As of 23rd August, six people had died during festivities involving bulls in Spain’s Valencia region alone in 2022.