Malaga Police Release Video To Catch Vicious Street Muggers

Police in southern Spain are seeking a man seen in this shocking CCTV footage holding a tourist in a chokehold until she passes out so he can rob her.

The incident took place in the centre of Malaga in the early hours of 19th November as the woman was returning to her hotel from a night out.

The footage shows how the crook holds the lone German tourist in a chokehold until she passes out in the street.

As she lies on the ground, he can be seen bending over her and rummaging through her belongings as his female accomplice walks into view and keeps a lookout.

As two men rush over to help the victim, the crooks can be seen running away apparently empty-handed.

Local media reported that the good Samaritans who arrived on the scene were working in a nearby hotel and had heard the noise of the struggle.

They took the victim back to their hotel to recover and they called National Police, who are now working to locate the male crook.

Local media reported earlier today (29th November) that the woman had been arrested.

Chokeholds are dangerous, as they restrict the flow of blood or air to the neck, which can lead to unconsciousness or even death if the hold is maintained.