Teens Played Childrens Game Over Who Would Rape 15-Year-Old Girl First

Two teenagers played a game of rock, paper, scissors to find out who would rape a 15-year-old girl first, a court has heard.

The two minors, who have not been named, are accused of raping the schoolgirl when a group of teens met up by a stream for a drinking session in Barcelona.

An adult who also allegedly participated in the rape – said to have taken place on 14th February 2021 – is also facing jail time.

The minors reportedly testified in front of a court in Barcelona earlier this week.

They told the court that they had met up with a group of friends to go drinking by a stream.

Once they were there, they said, the girl arrived and began propositioning them.

They claimed the girl began to “make advances by pulling down her trousers.”

The defendants then suggested to the girl to go to the bank of the stream to smoke a cigarette.

They claim the girl then told them she “wanted to have a threesome” but they refused.

One of the minors claimed that the three accused went down to the stream with the girl, where she performed oral sex on the adult and then had sex with him.

One of the minors told the court: “When they finished I told him [the other minor] the joke of playing rock, paper or scissors and I won, although since he told me that he had to be home at 9:30 p.m., I let him go first.”

The minor then allegedly said that he had intercourse with the 15-year-old girl before saying goodbye to her and her friends “as normal”.

He reportedly denied that she was in any way forced or that she wanted to leave.

The minor claimed that after finishing with the adult, the girl asked “who was next”.

The girl’s friends, appearing as witnesses, told the court that she was “very drunk”.

One of them said: “When you are drunk there are people who do not know what they are doing.”

Another witness has said that the alleged victim was falling on the ground and that they had to take care of her.

Her friends also stated that she said in her own words that she wants to have a threesome.

But they also said that they lost sight of her and after “about 30 minutes” she reappeared, apparently scared and crying, while claiming to have been raped, with her friends then immediately calling the police.

Another witness told the court that in an earlier text conversation with her friends, the evening had come up and two of them, including the alleged victim, said that they “wanted to have sexual relations”.

Local police officers told the court that at the scene of the events they found two used condoms and three condom wrappers.

The adult is facing 12 years in prison and compensation of up to EUR 15,000 for the victim, while the two minors face four years in juvenile detention and are now set to be judged in juvenile court on 30th November.

As of last month, Spain has made its rape laws stricter. It came six years after what became known as the ‘Wolf Pack’ case in which five men gang-raped an 18-year-old girl at the Pamplona bull-running festival.

They were, at first, given lesser sentences for sexual abuse, prompting outrage.