Bizarre Street Horse Rage In Tenerife

This is the moment a bare-chested horse rider leaves the ground and tries to attack a group of people who insulted him as he galloped past them in Tenerife.

The short video was shot in the local town of Santa Ursula in the Canary Islands on 23rd November.

The bare-chested man is seen galloping down the street when he is apparently taunted by people from a nearby park.

The enraged horseman then crosses the road on his horse, and right up to the fence way exchanges insults with the people on the other side.

Clearly feeling that he is not getting an apology, he then rushes around the side of the park and chases after one of the men who rushes off down the street in order to escape.

Local media said that the horseman had actually been looking for the other group after one of them insulted his girlfriend which is why he was determined to seek revenge.

They said that there was a fight in which both sustained injuries and the incident was being investigated.

The video footage was recorded from a nearby house and it was noted that it also took place right in front of the local police officers.

No complaint has yet been made by either party, according to cops.