Drugs Mules Women Cought Smuggling Cocaine In Wigs

Two women have been arrested at airports in Colombia for trying to smuggle nearly two kilogrammes of cocaine hidden in their wigs and genitals into Spain.

The duo had to undergo closer examinations and X-ray checks after having acted nervously at the airport, according to the Colombian Defence Ministry’s anti-drugs department.

Overall, customs officers discovered 1,950 grammes (4.3 lbs) of cocaine hidden in their hair extension wigs and genitals.

Colombian authorities have not revealed whether the women knew each other and if they were part of groups of organised smugglers.

A police officer searches an unidentified woman’s wig for bags of cocaine at an airport, in Colombia. Two women at the Cali and Rionegro airports tried to bring 1,900 grams of cocaine in wigs and on their genitals, to Madrid, Spain, in November, 2022. (@PoliciaAntiNar/Newsflash)

One of the arrests took place at Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport outside the city of Cali, while the other suspect was detained at Jose Maria Cordova International Airport in Rionegro.

Both women were about to board planes to Madrid’s Barajas Airport.

The woman arrested at Cali Airport tried to smuggle 900 grammes of cocaine in her wig and 200 grammes inside her vagina.

The woman examined and detained at Rionegro Airport attempted to take 650 grammes of cocaine woven into her wig and 200 grammes inside her genitals.

A video released by the defence ministry’s anti-narcotics agency shows a female officer entangling a small plastic package from one of the women’s long curly hair before giving the item a closer examination in front of the shamed would-be smuggler.

The authorities did not disclose their identities. Investigations into the cases are continuing.

According to the Colombian Defence Ministry, the cases underline traffickers’ increasingly creative attempts to get drugs out of the country.