Beware Spanish Wives Bearing Croquetas

A Spanish woman is accused of putting a date rape drug in her husband’s croquettes in order to persuade him to transfer thousands of Euros in cash during their divorce.

The woman had met up with her ex-hubby at a restaurant to discuss the divorce and CCTV cameras appear to show her putting something in his food when he went to the bathroom.

The man raised the alarm with cops after checking his bank balance the next day and discovering EUR 27,000 had been transferred.

It is believed that she used benzodiazepine and put it in his croquettes. It is often known as a date rape drug because it makes victims more compliant.

The man had felt confused and could remember little when he woke up the next day after meeting his wife at the restaurant in Zaragoza, the capital of north-eastern Spain’s Aragon region to discuss the details of the divorce.

The unnamed 47-year-old woman was arrested and released on bail over the incident after the man, identified only by his first name Juan Carlos, filed a complaint.

It is unclear how police came to the conclusion that he had been drugged with Benzodiazepine. It is often used to treat conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and seizures, as well as to make people compliant and docile, leaving them vulnerable to manipulation.

This psychotropic drug affects the central nervous system and causes drowsiness, inducing the person into a hypnotic state.

The Spanish police said: “Moments later he began to feel unwell and according to his complaint, he did not remember anything until the next day.”

His soon-to-be ex-wife was arrested on 11th November after reviewing security camera footage from the bar that allegedly showed her placing the drug inside the food.

The woman was released from police custody pending trial. It is currently unclear what charges she faces specifically.