Gardener Impales Himself On Railing Spike

A man had to be rescued after he impaled his arm on a metal spike in a freak gardening accident near Alicante.

Gory images show how the 71-year-old was cut free after the spike passed all the way through his limb near the elbow.

The accident happened when the man was doing some gardening work at his home in the Los Altos housing estate in Torrevieja, Alicante Province, Spain on 6th November.

The spike-covered wall he pierced himself on separates his garden from the adjoining property.

Several firefighters and first aid providers were dispatched to the scene to tend to the man, who was bleeding heavily.

Footage of the rescue shows how the firemen had to cut the metal spike below the man’s arm so he could be treated by medics.

The Provincial Fire Consortium of Alicante wrote on social media: “This morning [6th November] in Torrevieja we had to help a man whose arm was pierced by an iron bar protruding from a wall while he was gardening.

“We had to saw through the iron bar to release him so that he could be taken care of by Basic Life Support workers. Speedy recovery!”

Local media reported that it took a gruelling two hours for the elderly man to finally be freed.

His name and his current condition have been withheld.